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To regulate and circulate the air properly, your air handler must be in top shape. The air handler is one of the most important aspects of your HVAC unit. It really is the meat and potatoes of your whole system. We service all kinds of unit and know them all inside out. For professional air handler solutions, contact Meisner Services to set up an immediate appointment in the Allentown & Bethlehem, PA area.

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What Are Air Handlers (AHUs?)

Air handlers are an integral part of your AC system because they are responsible for the distribution of hot or cold air in your HVAC system. Most HVAC systems have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The indoor unit is called the air handler. An air handler aids air circulation in your home and increases the quality of your indoor air. AHUs typically consist of an air filter, coil, and blower.

An air handler that has been installed and maintained by a Meisner services tech will help increase your home's comfort by ensuring that warm and cool air from your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner reaches every single area of your home in a timely and even manner.

Types of Air Handlers

Single Speed Air Handler
An air handler with a fan motor that operates at one fixed speed only.

Five Speed Air Handler
A five speed air handler offers more precision than a single speed and is more effective at circulating your indoor air.

Variable Speed Air Handlers
Variable speed handlers vary the speed of your fan based on your personal comfort requirements. Variable speed air handlers can control humidity levels, improve your indoor air quality, and achieve a consistent temperature in your home with superior precision.

Ask your Meisner Services HVAC specialist which air handler is right for you. Our fully trained staff have over thirty years of experience in determining what ails your air handling unit and we never leave until you are 100% satisfied that the job has been done.

An air handler system that is running efficiently is one that is saving you money on your monthly utility bill. A well maintained air handler improves indoor air quality and keeps you and your family safe from allergens and other particulates that can lead to breathing difficulties.

For a professional and licensed technician from Meisner Services to come and assess your air handler, call today at (610) 770-1007. No matter where you are in Allentown, PA or surrounding areas, you can be confident that your cooling system will be running efficiently once our work is done.