Expert Geothermal Heating Repair & Installation Services in Allentown & Bethlehem, PA

Expert Geothermal Heating Repair & Installation Services in Allentown & Bethlehem, PA

Geothermal is safe and versatile and it can save you a lot of cash. Call for geothermal system installation & repair services at (610) 770-1007. Click here to see exciting specials and coupons.

Geothermal is in a different class when it comes to comfortable, energy efficient heating systems. Geothermal heat uses a technically infinite resource for fuel: the earth itself. Whether you're a new homeowner looking to upgrade your old and tired HVAC system or you're a baby boomer building your retirement home, geothermal heating works with the environment - not against it. Our future heating and cooling systems are going to have to if we are going to save the planet.

If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from geothermal heating, call Meisner Services today. We serve Allentown, Bethlehem, PA and surrounding areas. Click here to read our latest customer reviews and see what you can expect when you work with us.

How Does a Geothermal Heating System Work?

The earth's temperature stays constant (depending on latitude) at around 50/ 60°F in most of the world. The heat then rises 77ºF every 1 km of depth. Geothermal systems utilize a closed loop and are almost 50 percent more efficient than the best gas furnaces, all winter long. A geothermal heat pump extracts the ground heat in the winter and it only pumps liquid. It's essentially free heat from underground.

Some of the Benefits of Owning a Geothermal System:

  • Very low operating costs
  • A dramatic jump in efficiency and money saved
  • Arguably the most environmentally friendly system today
  • Comfortable and consistent heat
  • Will not wreck your landscaping
  • Extremely quiet

Geothermal Systems Are Environmentally Friendly

Geothermal systems are among the most environmentally friendly heating systems available today. Geothermal systems are capable of efficiencies of 300% to 400%. They also have no need to extract, transport or burn fossil fuels and require less electricity to operate.

Things You Should Know About Maintaining Your Geothermal System

Get it Properly Installed

The outdoor components need to be carefully installed based on the geography of your outdoor space, so professional installation from Meisner Services is crucial. Meisner mechanics are qualified geothermal specialists with years of experience and the latest training in these types of systems.

Have Your Antifreeze Levels Checked Periodically by a Licensed Technician

The antifreeze (or water and antifreeze mixture) that circulates throughout your underground loops needs to be at a particular level in order to work properly. Antifreeze circulates throughout the earth loop and absorbs and dissipates thermal energy. The incorrect amount will render your system unable to heat and cool effectively.

Have Your System Cleaned of Dirt and Debris

Dirt and debris can damage any of the indoor parts of your geothermal system - the heat exchanger and the blower motor can get filthy. Our geothermal maintenance technicians can clean, install, and repair all of the system's sensitive components so everything continues to work effectively.

Keep your your geothermal system functioning at maximum energy efficiency, or find out about a new one by calling Meisner Services at (610) 770-1007 for immediate help in Allentown, PA.