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The state of the art Peerless, Weil-McClain and Bryant boilers we work on are an integral part of the heating systems we install. Make sure your boiler is being serviced by a manufacturer trained, Meisner boiler repair & replacement technicians.

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How Do Boilers Work?

Boilers use oil, natural gas, propane or electricity to heat water, which is then distributed throughout your home by a water pump. The hot water heat is circulated through rads, baseboard convectors or radiant floors and provides consistent central heat. In very basic terms a boiler is a container that has a continuous supply of gas streaming into it. The gas enters a sealed combustion chamber through small jets, and an electric ignition system sets them ablaze. The clean burning gas warms a heat exchanger connected to pipes carrying cold water and heats the water to approximately 60°C (140°F).

What Are Condensing Boilers?

Condensing boilers utilize the heat from the exhaust gases that would normally be released into the atmosphere through your flue. Less heat is lost through the flue and some of the hot gas produced in the combustion process is water vapor (steam). A condensing boiler extracts additional heat by condensing this steam into liquid water. The hot water is added to the stream and ups the temperature dramatically. At Meisner Services we can repair conventional and condensing boilers. We only carry the best tools on our vehicles and we can get your boiler back online quickly.

How Do I Know What Size to Get?

We size your boiler system to meet your maximum household demand during the normal Pennsylvania heating season. A boiler that is too small will not provide sufficient heat and a boiler that is too large will cost more, and be less efficient. A correctly sized boiler (like a correctly sized AC unit) will reduce maintenance costs by cycling on and off less often, and reducing the amount of heat lost up the flue during the off cycle. We can repair your existing boiler and get it running to its maximum efficiency, but if it is sized out of whack for your needs, a replacement may be the prudent choice.

A boiler that is not kept in 100% working order wastes energy and your hard-earned dollars. We will perform all the necessary checks and tests to ensure that your boiler is in the best possible condition. We will never pressure you into buying a new boiler if all you need is a repair. Our team works closely with you to determine the most cost-effective solution that fits your specific needs. If you do need a new system, we will help you choose a high-efficiency model that is best for your property.

Don't let problems with your boiler interrupt your day-to-day tasks. Get fast help from Meisner Services by calling us today at (610) 770-1007 for professional boiler repair solutions in Allentown, PA.