Licensed Furnace Repair & Maintenance Contractors Serving Allentown & Bethlehem, PA

Licensed Furnace Repair & Maintenance Contractors Serving Allentown & Bethlehem, PA

A well maintained furnace can last for years. Get a pro to help keep yours running. Call for furnace repair & maintenance services at (610) 770-1007. Click here if you want to save with our valuable online coupons.

Prevent your furnace from breaking down at just the wrong time, and keep it running at peak levels with Meisner Services maintenance plans. Call us to find out how we can extend the life of your furnace by years.

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High-Efficiency Condensing Furnaces

High-efficiency (condensing) furnaces can achieve an amazing 89% to 98% fuel efficiency but they need regular maintenance to keep running at such high levels.

If you experience any of these problems with your furnace in your Allentown, PA residence , be sure to call us immediately:

  • Weak flame or problems with lighting
  • Intake air vent is clogged
  • Exhaust gases backing up and not exiting the flue
  • Clogged drainage system
  • Flue vent obstructions
  • Pressure switch failure
  • Inadequate heat
  • Broken thermostat
The above list is a small sampling of the common problems associated with furnaces. A regular schedule of maintenance is imperative, though, as natural gas can be a serious hazard if not dealt with by a licensed professional.

Heating systems are generally trouble-free, but truly efficient operation is only possible with regular maintenance. There are a few things you can do to keep your heating system in top condition. These are just minor fixes and steps to keep your furnace going - any major issue should always be addressed by a fully insured technician from Meisner Services.

Make Sure Your Furnace Is Receiving Power

  • Look for blown fuses or tripped breakers. Your furnace may have a separate power entrance or fuses mounted in (or on) the unit
  • If your furnace has stopped find the reset button, wait a while, then press the button
  • Check to make sure the thermostat is properly set
  • Check that your gas supply is turned on and the pilot light is lit

If you are in any doubt, call a professional service person from Meisner Services. Your safety is our top priority and we can troubleshoot every make of furnace there is.

Dirt and debris in and around your furnace can be a major problem. Dirt wastes fuel and lower efficiency drastically. A thorough cleaning from a Meisner Services mechanic is an integral part of your HVAC system's care.

We can clean and adjust:

  • The heat exchanger
  • Burners
  • The fan switch
  • Pilot pilot light assembly
  • Safety Controls
  • The gas line
  • The flue pipe
  • All panels
  • Motors and bearings
  • Belts and pulleys
  • Air filters
  • The thermostat
  • And more...
Call Meisner Services at (610) 770-1007 to arrange a cleaning and maintenance program today. You will never have to worry about the performance of your unit again!