Make an Efficient HVAC in March

Spring always evokes beautiful imagery in our minds: flowers blooming, sun shining, and blue skies. But what we’re not seeing in those images is the quality of our air and what we can do to make it better.

Taking steps to make the quality of the air inside your house better will allow your HVAC to run more efficiently, and in the end that saves you money on your electrical bill - with the added bonus that your home will be healthier for you and your family.

So you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy that beautiful blue sky, sunshine, and blossoming blooms. We’ve put together 3 quick and easy solutions for bettering your air quality and preparing your HVAC system for March and the rest of spring.

Carpool With Friends to Save Money & Reduce Emissions

Cutting down on air pollution outside of your home will also help cut down on the contaminants inside your home. One of the quickest and most efficient ways to of doing this is to carpool with friends.

Reach out to your coworkers and friends and put together a carpool to work, to the gym, or to any activity you’re doing as a group. Riding with friends can be fun and will save you time and money in the end.

It also helps in the effort of having fewer cars on the road. The amount of cars on the road every day is causing more and more air pollution which is seeping into your house and affecting your HVAC system. An overworked HVAC can use up more energy and cause your electricity bill to increase.

No Smoking Indoors

It’s simple: don’t smoke indoors! Aside from the fact that smoking indoors is affecting the people and animals in your home, it is also affecting the way your HVAC and humidifier are working.

An easy way to improve the quality of the air inside your house is to no longer allow smoking indoors. Smoking leaves a pungent odor, dust, and other pollutants around in your home and this kind of air pollution is causing your HVAC system to have to work harder to clean your air.

It is having to filter out that pollution over and over again causing the filter to fill up faster and the whole system to have to work harder.

Ensure You Have a Clean Humidifier

By taking steps to keep a clean humidifier you will improve the quality of the air in your home. Much like your HVAC system your humidifier is working to improve the quality of the air in your home.

It can be a valuable asset to your appliance line up when it is clean and working efficiently. A clean humidifier keeps moisture in the air in so that nobody in your home develops respiratory infections.

By following these three quick and easy solutions for better air quality, you’ll be able to welcome Spring and those beautiful days ahead. You won’t have to worry so much about how efficiently your HVAC system is running because you’ve already taken the steps to have a cleaner home. As always, we at Meisner Services are here to help, so be sure to trust our staff for HVAC March cleaning services.